Adopt a Mom and Pop Inc.
Adopt a Mom and Pop Inc.

Our Founder

Adopt a Mom and Pop Inc was founded by Ulmaria Williams in October of 2008 as a nonprofit 501 (c) (3). Her passion is to enhance and enrich the lives of senior citizens by engaging them in personalized one on one activity. To inspire each individual no matter their season, to continue to live purposeful and active lives. The vision came forth out of a love for senior citizens as she volunteered at various senior communities and especially in the midst of her personal experience as a caregiver for her own dad, who was diagnosed with dementia. Realizing the call and a desire to be an advocate, she enrolled in Kennesaw State University to study Gerontology, 22 years after graduating college! These studies gave a better understanding of the psychological and sociological aspects on aging. Knowing that a lack of interaction is the result of mental decline, Ulmaria was able to improve the outlook in her dad’s life and many others. In August 2017, Ulmaria spearheaded the 1st Annual AMAP Senior Citizen Appreciation Banquet in celebration of National Senior Citizen Appreciation Day. The 2nd Annual Banquet held August 2018 made special recognition to 79 years old Grammy-winning Blues artist Beverly “Guitar” Watkins. AMAP was also acknowledged by Congressman David Scott for doing a great job with their annual event for senior citizens.


Our Mission Statement

To enhance and inspire the lives of senior citizens by forming lasting relationships, providing resources and engaging them in stimulating activities.

Our Vision

To establish Adopt a Mom and Pop globally with the intention of improving senior citizen’s lives from one community to the next.

Get in Touch with Us, or Sign Up to Volunteer

If you’re interested in volunteering, donating, or finding out more about the work we do, we encourage you to get in touch with us directly by phone or email. You can also register as a volunteer with Adopt a Mom and Pop by completing our convenient online volunteer sign-up sheet. There’s never a wrong time to make a difference in the lives of the elderly – contact us today!

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